Panther Soccer

Soccer skills Training

Improve Deceptive Dribbling and Goal Scoring!

The Soccer Box soccer skills training sessions are a fantastic way to improve your child’s interest in the sport.  We focus solely on developing the big play skills: Deceptive Dribbling and Goal Scoring. As children improve their skills, soccer becomes more fun for them. This creates a virtuous cycle as they want to practice more often. They show their moves at home and try them against their friends. 


Our staff is always positive, and we celebrate a well-executed move as fiercely as a great goal.


We offer our hour-long training sessions designed to learn our 7 core moves and help your player become a better dribbler and goal scorer. We have spaces available and would love to help your son or daughter improve their skills and develop some useful soccer moves to beat an opponent or escape pressure and find space.


Why Join Our Training Sessions?

Recreational players: If you are new to soccer or participating in recreational league, these sessions are great for improving skills and developing comfort with the ball.


Competitive players: If you are on a competitive team and your son or daughter does not play enough, is not assigned to his/her favorite position, or wants to join a higher level team, our sessions will help them develop devastating dribbling and fantastic finishing skills.


Our players also have a ton of fun. We play small sided soccer games every session. Small sided games means tons of touches and tons of goals every day. No drills, no lines!

Monthly Training Memberships

$99 per month for 1 session per week

$179 per month for 2 sessions per week

$249 per month for unlimited sessions per week 

(Players with unlimited memberships can come to all sessions for their age as well as any for the next older age group. They also get 15% off all other activities)

*No Commitments – Cancel Anytime

*Money Back Guarantee: We are very confident that your player will enjoy these classes while greating improving his or her soccer skills. If you pay for a month, come to at least 4 training sessions, and do not want to continue, we will refund your money.

Free Trials Available!


Join the waitlist – means the program is new and does not yet have enough enrollment to launch.  If interested, please join the waitlist and we will contact you when we have the 6 players needed.


Program is full – please join the waitlist and you will be contacted when a roster spot becomes available.

Steps to booking a free trial session:

  1. Find the age group for your players age using the chart on the left
  2. Click below to go for registration page 
  3. Register for the weekly session you want to attend
  4. Filter registrations by age group
  5. Attend the session
  6. Use the link in the confirmation email to register for a monthly membership. 


We hope you will give us a try. Space is limited to 12 players per session so be sure to sign up now!